3415C – Bella Canvas Unisex Triblend Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

•3.8 oz., 50% polyester, 25% combed and ringspun cotton, 25% rayon
•40 singles
•retail fit
•unisex sizing


Aqua TriblendAqua TriblendAqua TriblendAth Grey TrblnAth Grey TrblnAth Grey TrblnBlack Heather TriblndBlack Heather TriblndBlack Heather TriblndBlue TriblendBlue TriblendBlue TriblendBrown TriblendBrown TriblendBrown TriblendCardinal TriblndCardinal TriblndCardinal TriblndChar-Black TribChar-Black TribChar-Black TribClay TriblendClay TriblendClay TriblendEmerald TriblendEmerald TriblendEmerald TriblendGrass Green TrblndGrass Green TrblndGrass Green TrblndGreen TriblendGreen TriblendGreen TriblendGrey TriblendGrey TriblendGrey TriblendMaroon TriblendMaroon TriblendMaroon TriblendNavy TriblendNavy TriblendNavy TriblendOatmeal TriblendOatmeal TriblendOatmeal TriblendOrange TriblendOrange TriblendOrange TriblendRed TriblendRed TriblendRed TriblendSld Black TrblndSld Black TrblndSld Black TrblndSld Dark Gry TrblnSld Dark Gry TrblnSld Dark Gry TrblnSld White TrblndSld White TrblndSld White TrblndSolid Navy TrblnSolid Navy TrblnSolid Navy TrblnSteel Blu TrblndSteel Blu TrblndSteel Blu TrblndTeal TriblendTeal TriblendTeal TriblendTrue Royal TrblnTrue Royal TrblnTrue Royal TrblnWhite Flck TriblndWhite Flck TriblndWhite Flck Triblnd

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XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


Aqua Triblend, Ath Grey Trbln, Black Heather Triblnd, Blue Triblend, Brown Triblend, Cardinal Triblnd, Char-Black Trib, Clay Triblend, Emerald Triblend, Grass Green Trblnd, Green Triblend, Grey Triblend, Maroon Triblend, Navy Triblend, Oatmeal Triblend, Orange Triblend, Red Triblend, Sld Black Trblnd, Sld Dark Gry Trbln, Sld White Trblnd, Solid Navy Trbln, Steel Blu Trblnd, Teal Triblend, True Royal Trbln, White Flck Triblnd


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